PIPA Compliance

Tech Regulate is a leading consulting company that specializes in helping businesses become PIPA compliant. We are a team of experts who have years of experience in privacy compliance and work with organizations of all sizes to ensure they meet the requirements of PIPA and protect the privacy of their customers' personal information.

What is PIPA?

The Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) is a privacy legislation that applies to all private sector organizations in Alberta and British Columbia that collect, use, and disclose personal information. The act was introduced to regulate the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information by private organizations operating within these provinces.  

Under PIPA, businesses must obtain consent from individuals before collecting, using, or disclosing their personal information, and can only use that information for the purposes for which it was collected. Organizations must also take reasonable steps to protect the personal information in their possession and properly dispose of it when it is no longer needed.  

Why is PIPA compliance important?  

PIPA compliance is important for businesses because it protects their customers' personal information and maintains trust between organizations and their clients. Non-compliance with PIPA can result in significant fines and legal action, and can also cause reputational damage to the organization.  

Moreover, as businesses increasingly rely on technology and data to deliver products and services, protecting personal information has become critical to the success of the organization. Failure to comply with privacy laws such as PIPA can also result in loss of customers and business opportunities.  

How can Tech Regulate help businesses become PIPA compliant?  

At Tech Regulate, we help businesses become PIPA compliant by providing tailored solutions that address their unique requirements.

Our services include:  

Privacy Policy and Procedure Development: We review the client's current privacy policies and procedures and identify gaps in their current practices. We develop customized PIPA compliance plans that ensure they are meeting the legal requirements of PIPA and protecting the privacy of their customers' personal information. 

Employee Training: We provide training and education to employees to ensure they understand their role in maintaining privacy compliance. We offer in-person or online training sessions, tailored to the needs of the organization.  

Technology and Tools: We help businesses implement necessary technology and tools to manage data and ensure secure data storage, transfer, and disposal. We assist clients in identifying and implementing best practices for data security, such as encryption and access controls.  

Privacy Audits: Our experts conduct regular privacy audits to ensure ongoing compliance and provide recommendations to improve the organization's privacy practices. We review policies, procedures, and systems to ensure they are up-to-date with changes in privacy legislation and industry best practices.  

Privacy Breach Management: We assist clients in managing and responding to privacy breaches, including incident response plans and communication strategies. Our team is available to support clients during a breach and ensure that they respond effectively and efficiently.  

Why choose Tech Regulate?   Partnering with Tech Regulate ensures that your business is meeting the legal obligations of PIPA and protecting the privacy of your customers' personal information. Our experts have extensive experience in privacy compliance and stay up-to-date with changes to privacy laws and industry best practices.  

We provide cost-effective solutions that are tailored to each organization's unique needs, and our services are flexible to adapt to changing business requirements. We work collaboratively with our clients to ensure they understand the implications of PIPA compliance and how they can integrate privacy into their business processes.  

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business become PIPA compliant.